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Buyer Registration & How you can support

Benton Franklin Market Stock Auction

Friday August 23

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How you can help:

  • Register to be a buyer: Register in advance and purchase on sale day, either on site or via proxy bidder.
  • Add-On to an Exhibitors Sale Price: If you don’t want to purchase an animal but want to add some extra dollars to a specific child’s earnings from the sale, choose this option. You’ll donate a flat amount to a specific child or children.
  • Donate to the Youth Livestock Booster Fund: If you want to help out the youth exhibitors in general, choose the Booster Fund Option below. Your donation will be pooled and used to raise up the prices of the lower selling animals.
  • Sale order: East Ring: Swine. West Ring: Goat, Sheep, Beef
  • Sale begins at 9:30 a.m. with the Sale of Champions

Register to become a Buyer

Register here to become a Buyer for the Benton Franklin Market Stock Sale on August 23.

If your name or business business in the list you won't need to register, if you are a new buyer please register for the 2024 Benton Franklin Market Stock Sale.

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