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Parade Judging Times

Judging will begin at 8 am.

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- Car Clubs
- Community/Non-Profit/Commercial
- Equestrian

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The Benton Franklin Fair & Rodeo Grand Parade kicks off The Best Week of summer! We want all spectators to enjoy the event in a safe and courteous manner. Please observe the following:

Observing the US Flag

As the US flag passes your position on the parade route, please observe the following parade etiquette rules:

  • Make sure you are standing.
  • If you are wearing a hat, remove it.
  • Cover your heart with your right hand (military members should give a military salute).
  • Temporarily stop conversations as the flag passes.
  • There may be many US flags in the parade. You do not need to salute them all. If an honor guard is carrying the US flag, or the US flag is presented in a group of flags, stand and salute.

Viewing Space

Many people arrive early to stake out a good place from which to view the parade. While this is totally acceptable, please remember the spots along the parade route are usually public. You do not have an absolute right to the space because you set out a chair to occupy an area of sidewalk. Most other spectators will honor the space-saver you set out, but some may not. Just remember, it is not your space until you arrive. So, if you show up and find someone is occupying the spot, take your chair and move on. The first person to arrive is entitled to stay there.

Respecting Other's Property

Remember not to block driveways or store entrances of establishments open for business. Be considerate when finding a parking space. Observe all parking laws and rules. Do not park in a private lot unless you pay or have permission. Do not bother people in private residences who live along the parade route. Stay off their property unless you have permission to be there. Do not ask to use their toilet, or other amenities.

Be a Good Neighbor

If you are near the front of the crowd, remember those standing behind you. If possible, do what you can to stay out of their line of vision. Don’t obstruct their view by holding your phone over your head to film the parade.

Be mindful of your neighbors, especially children or the elderly. If you can accommodate, let small children in front so they can see the parade. If you collect trinkets or candy, be generous and share with youngsters behind you that were not lucky enough to get a good spot.


Remember, there are likely families with young children watching the parade, so watch your language. Do not curse or otherwise behave obnoxiously.


Do not litter. Take out everything you brought with you.


If the route will be very crowded, leave your pets at home. If your pet does not do well with crowds or attention from strangers, leave your pet at home. If it is appropriate to bring a pet, make sure they are always on a lease and under control. Please clean up after your pet if needed.

Stay out of the street

For the safety of yourself and the people participating in the parade, do not run out into the street during the parade.Do not run across the street directly in front of the parade procession.


No alcohol or other illicit substances are allowed.

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