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Stock Contractor Calgary Stampede

bronc rider on calgary stock

The Calgary Stampede Ranch has been providing stock for the biggest rodeos in the country, as well as college rodeos and rodeo schools since 1961. The aim then was to provide quality stock for the Calgary Stampede, but they soon helped revolutionize bucking stock business.

Instead of using rough stock off ranches in the rodeos, they created a program called "Born to Buck" with the intent of breeding high octane animal athletes whose job it was to compete with high octane human athletes. They are bred to buck harder and higher, which means high scores if the stock gets ridden and good entertainment value for the fans.

The Born to Buck program pairs very successful bucking mares with equally successful stallions, often using the fertilized eggs of a champion mare in several surrogate or "recipient" mothers. The horses go through a rigorous health and safety procedure. Spokesman for the ranch state, "in addition to medical checkups, the horses' hair and feet are carefully groomed before 'going to town.' Only 200 horses from the herd are called to compete in pro rodeos. The busiest will only buck 15 times in a year, spending just 30 days away from the ranch. Each bucking horse represents an investment of $10K from date of birth to the age of five."

The Calgary Stampede Ranch has been extremely successful, and more than a dozen horses have become superstars, including Coconut Roll, Moon Rocket, Lawsuit, Kloud Grey, Guilty Cat and Grated Coconut.
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