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2022 Fair Booster - Nancy Sorick

Nancy Sorick
For over 35 years, Tri-City Horse Racing at Sun Downs has prospered; largely due to the dedication and hard work of a hand-full of passionate people headed up by a now 86 year old pioneer to this region. Nancy Sorick was born in Garfield, Wa. At 7, her family relocated to Richland so her father could work at the Hanford site.

Nancy’s interest in horse racing grew when she partnered with Charlie Landells, an owner and breeder of both Quarter Horses and Thoroughbreds that often competed at the local Kennewick track, formerly known as Tumbleweed Downs.

In 1986, when Benton County backed out of the failing track, a small group of businessmen and horsemen formed the Tri-City Horse Racing Association and Sun Downs began a whole new era of successful horse racing. As the newly founded group’s General Manager, Nancy began the 35-yr-old Tri-City Horse Racing’s success story! Managing this group has involved much more than hard work. It also requires a sincere passion for the sport, as well as, the equine athletes themselves. Reduced by the number of racing dates to only 3 weekends in the Spring, the Kennewick track has thrived year after year, providing a place for Quarter Horse, and Thoroughbred breeders, owner’s, trainers, jockeys, and grooms to start their athletes and for fans to experience something few areas can boast-Live Horse Racing. Sun Downs has hosted racing for some of the sport’s finest athletes-and over the years, many horses that started their careers here at our local track have ended up with AQHA World Championships over the entire country!

This personable, beautiful white-haired lady, known to many of her friends over the years as “Fancy Nancy”, has single-handedly faced all opposition in keeping this group running, along with the track and horse-racing throughout Eastern Washington.

During all these years, she also bred and raised some of the nicest horses to step foot on any track, which they did-even one aptly named “Fancy Nancy’s Filly”. She was able to see another perspective of the fruits of all her labor through the successes of her own horses that she and Charlie bred and raised.

This endless energy and perseverance is why Nancy recovered from Covid last year and fought to hold a 2022 meet. Horse Racing is expected to return to Sun Downs in 2023, thanks to Nancy and the passionate people behind her.
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