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Fair Booster 1966-2018

2018 Fair Booster Aggie Mowry

Aggie first attended the Fair in 1998. Growing up in Holland, she’d
never been to — or even heard of — a county fair. She fell in love
with the Benton Franklin Fair & Rodeo and has never looked back.
Through her work with 4-H, she stepped up to be Rabbit Barn
Superintendent in 2006. Aggie and her team have made many
improvements to the Barn, including painting the interior and
exterior, installing new fans, and building an auctioneer stage, rabbit
tack room and superintendent station. She also lobbied for improved
accessibility and traffic flow in the barn, which led to the installation
of a cement floor in the barn. Aggie considers her superpower to
be networking, to which she attributes her ability to get so many of
these things done. Her life motto is “It is better to be kind than to be
right,” which helps make the Bunny Barn the “Best Barn at the Fair”
(in her humble opinion). She would like to thank the hard-working
Fair staff, amazing Fair Board, and the Tri-Cities community for
making our Fair such an extraordinary event each August.
2018 Aggie Mowry
2017 Curt Spaur
2016 Chris Parks; Mike Graves
2015 Delt Clark
2014 Vern & Sheryl Records
2013 Bleyhl Farm Service
2012 Kendra Myers
2011 George & Giny Rieck
2010 Mike & Shirley Thompson
2009 Rowdy & Laura Lee Barry
2008 Les Patterson; Kathy & Bill Nuckolls
2007 Roger Baisch; Allen & Mary Walch
2006 Ben Proctor; Colonel Ray Brock
2005 Bill & Barb Davis; Dick Peterson
2004 Marilyn Oliver Hyde
2003 Don Kinion; Marlene & Tim Tippett
2002 Dress Family
2001 Phyllis Quinton; Gretchen Schriner
2000 Buzz & Toni Zunker; Dave Rickenbach
1999 Bob Andrewjeski Family
1998 Jim & Marian Wetzel
1997 Carol Gossen; Leona Mackenstach
1996 Leila Zunker
1995 Charlene Fansler; Wanda Louder
1994 Walt Swearingen
1993 Charlie Pease
1992 Dave & Chris Garrett; Red Rutherford
1991 Jeff & Margaret Fulks
1990 Charlene Fansler; Donna Raines; Mary Davenport; Launi Berg;Sherry & Bob Tucker
1989 Jean Smith
1988 Dick Carstans
1986 Jerry & Kathy Cargill
1985 Butch & Judy VanHollebeke
1982 Ruth Simmelink
1981 Walt Swearingen
1980 Bill & Phylis Parker
1979 Jim Bateman Leath Andrews
1978 Bill Heaston
1977 Vance Arter
1976 Frank Buckingham
1975 George & Mary Ward
1974 Gus Hokanson
1973 Charles Pease
1972 Fran Spooner
1971 Lucille Olson
1970 Howard Hayer
1969 Jack Taylor
1968 F.P. Meverden
1967 Frank Lampson
1966 J.C. Pratt
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