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Thank you for your interest in the 2021 Benton Franklin Fair & Rodeo, August 24 - 28. Below is an application for a potential booth space. Please understand that this application does not guarantee placement in the Fair. Make sure to enclose a photograph of your booth/trailer as this is a critical part of the process. If you are selected, you will receive a contract and other pertinent information through email.

After the contract has been accepted, you will have 10 days to submit disposal and insurance fees. A 20% commission on sales and electrical fees will be due at the end of the event.
Please provide the Fair with an accurate list of all the items you will be selling or displaying in your booth.

We will not send out contracts until we receive a list of items and pricing.

Point of Sale Systems are a requirement, NO Cash Registers will be allowed. All Point of Sale Systems must have a electronic cash box and print out receipts. Receipts are to be handed out with every transaction.
Booth Fees: Deposit - $600 due before event and applied to 20% commission owed August 29Disposal - $50 due before event

Insurance - $100 due before event

Commission - 20% due Sunday August 29 before noon.

Electrical fees - Determined from 2019 usage (We encourage propane usage).

  • $150 - 20-30amp, 120volt or below
  • $200 - 50amp, 240volt
  • $250 - 100amp, 240volt

Selections are based on non-duplicity, appearance, availability of space, type of booth, etc. Unfortunately, we receive more applications than we can accommodate.

Thank you!
Sara Renee
(509) 619-6260
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