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Exhibitors - What to tell your Buyers

Template to Buyer

Hi, my name is your name here and this is my # of years showing year showing market animal(hog, steer, lamb, goat) for 4-H club name/FFA chapter. I've learned some valuable lessons working with my animal. Tell us something you learned raising this animal. I would love your help and would like to invite you to the Benton Franklin Fair Market Stock Auction on August 28, 2020. You can registering to become a buyer online at If you don't want to buy my animal but still want to help, there are a couple other options. You can choose to add-on to my animal online or donate to the youth livestock booster fund where donations will be pooled to raise the prices of the lower selling animals. Add-Ons and Booster Fund donations can be made online at Thank you for your support, every little bit helps, and your contribution is greatly appreciated.

Ways to Help

Things are a little different this year and buyers need to be made aware of the options.
Register to be a buyer: Online registration is now available. This will cut down on lines and contact on sale day
Purchase livestock: Either in person on sale day or via a proxy bid. If possible, payments need to be made before leaving the auction.
Add-On to an Exhibitors Sale Price: For those who want to add some extra dollars to a specific child’s earnings from the sale we have an online option this year. Buyers donate a flat amount to a specific child or children.
• Donate to the Youth Livestock Booster Fund: This option will help the youth exhibitors in general. Donations will be pooled and used to raise up the prices of the lower selling animals.
More information can be found here: or by email to
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