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Wheelbarrow Project

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Wheelbarrow Garden Project

Outline of materials

  • Begin with a brief lesson regarding seeds, including parts of the seeds and germination.

General instructions on planting your wheelbarrow.Don't forget to drill the holes for drainage

  • Students are welcome to plant any herbs and vegetables they would like in their salad garden.
  • The Salad Garden; Lettuce, Radishes and Onions. The onions will have to be planted right away. They have an 80 to 85 day growing time. The lettuce will be planted about one month later. They require a 50 to 55 day growing time and the radishes should be planted approximately 25 to 30 days before the display. If you stagger the planting as recommended then the vegetables will all be mature at the same time and ready for your salad.

Students can write what they are learning and track progress in journals, take photos and video.

At the conclusion of the program, you can teach your students how to use their produce in fun and healthy recipes.

We encourage students to plant one garden now and another later. The second garden would be timed for the plants to be at their prime for the Benton Franklin Fair Aug 25-29, 2020.

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