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Market Stock Sale 2020

Weigh-in and drop off for livestock:

  • Animals will be weighed and drop off August 27 at the fairgrounds.
  • Sheep, goats and hogs from 12-8 p.m..
  • Beef between noon and 4 p.m.
  • Weights are: Swine: 240 lbs to 295 lbs • Steers Over 1,050 lbs • Sheep 110 lbs to 160 lbs • Goats 65 lbs to 125 lbs. Overweights and underweights will not qualify for the sale and will be sent home.
  • Exhibitors do not need to be present.
  • Sheep and goats enter through the West Gate.
  • Hogs and beef enter through the South Gate.
Still have questions about weigh-in and drop-off? Email

Here’s what exhibitors can expect on sale day, Aug 28:

  • Livestock will be sold by the pound in a live auction, two ring format with floor price guaranteed. This is a terminal sale. Buyers can also make add-ons online.
  • Sale order will be released by 10 p.m. Aug. 27. The order will be computer-generated at random by species.
  • Sale starts at 9 a.m.
  • No exhibitors or parents will be allowed in the livestock barns after animals are dropped off, including on sale day.
  • Only staff, volunteers and registered buyers will be allowed in the sale barn and livestock barns.
  • Photos of animals submitted by exhibitors will be shown in the sale ring on television screens.
  • Exhibitors will have the option to be in the ring; animals will not go through the sale ring. If the exhibitor opts not to be on-site, the photo will be displayed and the animal will still be sold.
  • Exhibitors choosing to participate should be dressed appropriately for sale day. No advertisements or political statements allowed.
  • There will be plenty of shaded spaces on the fairgrounds for exhibitors to wait their turn at a physical distance. Be prepared for those circumstances and bring chairs, drinks, and snacks, if needed.
  • Masks must be worn, per state mandate.
  • Exhibitors will be in a que six feet apart as their turn approaches.
  • Exhibitors must leave the grounds once their animal is sold.
  • Livestock will be shipped out that night except steers, which will be shipped out prior to the sale.
We appreciate your cooperation and understanding of this altered sale format. We know it’s not ideal but we are committed to facilitating the sale of the livestock for the kids who have worked so hard during this challenging time.
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