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4-H and FFA Exhibitors enrolled in and exhibiting any food producing animal must obtain the Youth for the Quality Care of Animals (YQCA) Certification and must present certification at tag day to be eligible to show. Further information on this certification can be found at:

YQCA Certification is required for 4-H and FFA Exhibitors showing any of the animals listed below:
  • Beef & Dairy Cattle
  • Swine
  • Sheep
  • Market & Dairy Goats
  • Rabbits, Cavies & Pocket Pets
  • Poultry & Waterfowl
  • Pigeons, Game & Cage Birds

Important Dates & Deadlines

March 17, 2018 - Tag Day
  • 4-H and FFA Beef
(Registration Deadline March 16, 2018)
July 15, 2018
  • Discounted Parent Passes
May 19, 2018 - Tag Day
  • 4-H and FFA Market Goats, Sheep and Swine
(Registration Deadline May 18, 2018)
August 1, 2018
  • Still Life Entries
July 1, 2018 - Registration Deadline
  • Livestock (All Non-Market & Open Classes)
  • Small Animal (4-H, FFA, & Open Classes)
  • Final Camping Registration Deadline

If you have comments or suggestions, contact the Entries Coordinator at

Need help?

Refer to our entry system manuals if you need help or have questions:


Camping Reminders

Register Here!

  • Your space assignment will be available upon your arrival at the fairgrounds. Campers must enter through the Main parking lot between 12 and 6 p.m. Sat., 8/18. No cars are permitted at campers after 6 p.m. Sun., 8/20. Camping entrance will be located at the horse gate entrance.
  • The Fair does not guarantee water or electrical hook-ups. Spaces are limited to availability. Receipt of money does not guarantee space.
  • Reservation forms, along with the camping fee, must be sent to the Fair Office no later than 7/1/18. No telephone reservations will be taken. No refunds will be given after 8/1/18. Forms must be complete. Incomplete forms will not be considered a reservation.
  • Camping spaces are reserved for exhibitors and their immediate family members. Priority will be given to large livestock exhibitors.
  • Application does not automatically guarantee space.
  • Curfew for all people staying on the grounds is midnight. Violators will be subject to expulsion from the grounds and forfeiture of premiums.
  • Maximum 30-amp draw, no longer than a 20-foot plug-in cord with no extension cords. No air conditioners running on fairgrounds. Small generators will be allowed at the Fair Board’s discretion. The Fair assumes no responsibility for damage caused by electrical issues.
  • Camping permits with name of owner must be displayed for easy identification.
  • No dogs allowed on the grounds at any time. Failure to remove your dog could result in loss of camping space.
  • Absolutely no bicycles allowed on the grounds.
  • Lanes of 10 feet between rows of campers and trailers must remain open at all times for emergency access and fire protection.
  • RV Vehicles must be of a type of design approved by the Fair Board. If in question, contact the Fair Office.
  • Small tents will be allowed if they can fit within your allotted space. Otherwise, two spaces must be reserved.
  • All campers will stop in the Main parking lot and check in with the Camping Director.
  • The Fair assumes no responsibility for damage or injuries to campers or property.
  • Any camper/trailer without qualified adult supervision will be excluded from the grounds.
  • List names of campers on registration form.
  • Absolutely no vehicles will be allowed on the grounds at any time during the Fair. This includes the horse area. Vehicles found will be towed at the owner’s expense.
  • Sewer pumping service will be available for $20 (first or individual or $10 for each additional when purchased with first at registration). Please indicate if you would like this service on your registration form and include fee(s) with camping payment.
  • You may pick up your parent passes, exhibitor passes, and numbers as you check in to camp.
  • There are no campfires allowed at the fairgrounds. This includes portable, propane rings.
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