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Rodeo Committee

Back Row: Charles Mortimer, Scott English, Rick Daugherty, Brianna Leitz, Duane Howard, Cheri Gulley, Joe Roe, Mark Hollenbeck, Buzz Zunker & Debby Easterday

Front Row: Scott Ottley, Steve Lancaster, Mike Casey, Doug Elliott & Brian Williamson

Not Pictured: Jerrad Johnston
2019 Horse Heaven Round-Up Rodeo Directors:
Mike Casey, Co-Chair
Scott English, Co-Chair
Rowdy Barry
Rick Daugherty
Debby Easterday
Doug Elliott
Cheri Gulley
Duane Howard
Jerrad Johnston
Steve Lancaster
Brianna Leitz
Charles Mortimer
Scott Ottley
Joe Roe, Tophands
Brian Williamson
Big 4

Big 4

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