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Exhibitor of the year

2023 Exhibitor of the Year - Diona Schilling

Diona Schilling
Diona Schilling has always enjoyed the Fair and started volunteering with her parents around 1982 with ticket sales through Kiwanis. When Diona and her husband became parents in 1995, they continued with taking their kids to enjoy the exhibits and animals. When the kids became old enough to start showing their own animal project, she got them involved in 4-H. After a year or two, Diona and her friend started their own group named “Ewe Kids 4-H.” Many families participated over the years, showing lambs, rabbits, and goats.

In 2006, Diona began attending Benton Franklin Market Stock Committee Meetings and, in 2007, became a member and an officer. At the time, the goat barn at the Fair had only averaged about five to seven market goats per year. Since joining the Board, market goat entries have increased tremendously.

Through the years, her kids moved from 4-H into FFA, and both have since graduated. In 2014, Diona decided it was her turn to start showing animals and registered to bring some of her own to the Fair. She initially started with her Boers. While she continued raising a few Boer goats, her main focus was on mini dairy goats, particularly Mini Toggenburg and Mini LaMancha. Showing each year and still being active on Benton Franklin Market Stock Committee keeps her busy during the fair week, but she wouldn’t have it any other way and thoroughly enjoys it. She has met so many people over the years who have the same passion for helping 4-H/FFA and Open Class kids learn and grow, so she has continued doing both ever since.
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