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Grand Marshal 1978-2018

2018 Grand Marshal Lampson International

Lampson International is a third-generation, family-owned and
operated heavy-lift and heavy-hauling construction corporation.
Started in 1946 by Neil and Billie Jane Lampson in Kennewick, the
once small crane and drayage company soon grew into one of the
world’s largest businesses of its type. Committed to providing the
highest possible customer satisfaction through excellent service,
equipment reliability and professional personnel, Lampson is
proudly celebrating 72 years in business in 2018.
With offices located throughout North America, Canada and
Australia offering everything from heavy-lifting and heavy-hauling
to customized engineering and rigging services, the Lampson
Company is well positioned to provide quick and efficient service
to its customers around the world. Lampson International is
fortunate to have second and third generation families working
with us every day. It is because of their hard work, dedication and
creativity that Lampson is enjoying its seventh decade.
Since the company’s inception in the 1940s, the Lampson
family has held a belief in giving back to the community. That
commitment to help our community grow and prosper has carried
on through three generations of family members and employees.
Without the help of the community so long ago, Lampson would
not be where it is today. As Winston Churchill once said “We make
a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.”
2018 Lampson International
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