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2020 Superintendent Agreement

This Agreement, made and entered into and between the Benton Franklin Fair Association (hereinafter referred to as Association) and the Signee (hereinafter referred to as Superintendent).

Services To Be Provided: The Superintendent shall provide the duties of Superintendent for their Department listed below before, during and after the Fair as outlined in the Superintendent's Handbook. The Superintendent shall work with the Fair Board, management and other Fair employees and volunteers to help promote the Fair and educate the general public on matters pertaining to said Department.

Superintendents must have all paperwork and forms into the Fair Office on time. See Superintendent Due Dates for exact dates.

Superintendents are the eyes and ears of the grounds. If a challenge or problem arises, contact the Fair Office as soon as possible. If it is something you would like addressed for the following year, please include it in the year-end evaluation.

If premiums are pulled from an exhibitor for any reason, a justification letter with documentation of the violation must be submitted to the Fair Office immediately upon completion of the Fair.

Develop new ideas and displays for your Department. Make necessary changes in your Department for the Exhibitor's Guide and return to the Fair Office by set due date. All changes must be approved by the Fair Board.

Superintendents must follow all health, electrical and fire guidelines established for safety purposes.

Consideration. The Association shall provide materials for said Department as outlined in the Superintendent's Handbook. The Superintendent shall receive one (1) season pass or five (5) daily passes to the Fair and one (1) season parking pass. The Superintendent may receive additional passes for department helpers/sitters, at the discretion of the Association. In the event the Superintendent receives more passes than needed for department helpers/sitters, the Superintendent agrees to return the passes to the Fair Office.

Volunteer Superintendent. The Superintendent shall provide the services above solely in the capacity of a volunteer Superintendent and not as an employee of the Association.

Term of Agreement. This Superintendent Agreement shall be in effect commencing January 1, 2020 until December 31, 2020. Either party to this Agreement can terminate the Agreement upon the provision of thirty (30) days written notice served upon the other party.

In Witness whereof, the parties have executed this Agreement on the date set below.

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By submitting this form, I understand and accept what the job of a Superintendent entails and how important the above requirements are, as well as the requirements outlined in the Superintendent's Handbook.
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